Automotive Update : Classical Lambretta and Z1R Helmets

Scooter riders in the UK are now able to wear a helmet Lambretta. That lo, scooter scooters classic 1970s production of Italy and head protectors are made in limited quantities.  Model, the front of the open (half face) and at the bottom of a specially designed using leather. This helmet is produced in Italy with a Project is in conformity SRI and European safety standards. There is writing on the back of Lambretta TM and stickers with 30 months warranty.  If in Britain there is a helmet Lambretta, in New York, launched a new helmet Z1R Youth Strike Blitz. Head protector designed specifically for the elderly to protect the safety, well be stylish. So, all the features of the young child's special helmet, as there are large vents on Youth Strike Blitz.  This helmet meets the standards and DOT (department of transportation) and cost Rp 690,000 in two color choices (black and white).


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