Suzuki Package "Cafe Racer" for commuting

Affairs not only conjure magic dominated rabbit, flowers, and colorful napkins superpanjang. Casey Stevenson of home modifications Ryca Motors in Los Angeles, for example, juggling Suzuki S40 motorcycle types into a single cylinder cruiser-style "cafe racer".

"Magic" it starts from a desire that Casey is a NASA engineer to have a cafe racer style bike that can be used everyday. "I want to bike that is light, slim, for cafe racer. I had imagined because similar Japanese motorcycles. Generally it single-cylinder," said Casey.

After stripping Suzukinya, Casey then pair the results garapannya tank, wheels and new alloy wheels, a seat the following additional body, feet, wires, exhaust, suspension until reset. Finally, be a cafe racer which he named Ryca CS-1.

The new idea was then emerging to market special packages cafe racer Suzuki S40. He then made ​​a number of pricing options, ranging from minus polished package, the package ready to paint (the consumer can repaint itself accordingly desired color), or the full package so that consumers live thank so. Kompletnya package price, including a tank that has been painted and shaped to set the suspension is 3995 U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp 34 million.

That price would still be tolerable when compared to the cost of work on the cafe racer motorcycles in Indonesia. However, the issue of making it as a package ready to install and ready to use may be an interesting idea, is not it?


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