Strada Triton sensation for Riau Consumers

As the market leader in the pickup class with its flagship product Strada Triton, PT Krama Yudha Three Diamond Motors continued to maintain his achievements was in a unique way. Mitsubishi car manufacturers in Indonesia was held "Strada Triton Test Drive & Driving experiance with Hirosi Masuoka" conducted in two regions, Balikpapan (East Kalimantan) June 15 to 16 and Pekanbaru, Riau (18-19 June).

In two areas it provided two tracks with different designs. As in Riau that followed, the first track is 300 meters bernuasa off-road adventure complete with a variety hendicap, starting menanjang and down steep roads to test the power, surging in order to feel the suspension and puddles.

The other, the track is 2 km landed like a rally track. Here, guests of customers (consumers), individuals and fleet (mining and plantation) are invited to feel the sensation of driving and the actual toughness of the Triton with the legendary Paris Dakar rally driver Masuoka.

The choice of Balikpapan and Pekanbaru, according to Rizwan Alamsjah, Marketing Director of KTB because the contributions of both the area in the sale of Triton is very large. "From a national sales, accounted for about 40 percent of Pekanbaru, Balikpapan was even greater, namely 50 percent," said Rizwan sidelines of a test drive it.

Strada Triton users in both these areas, further Rizawan very complete. There are individuals, businesses, estates and palm oil. "Just for us to give experience to feel the pickup performance with the legendary rally driver Masuoka," said Rizwan who come to be passenger driven by a Japanese racer.

No less than 200 invitations, both individually and from various backgrounds (plantation and mining companies) to maneuver to conquer various corners at high speed up Strada Triton GLS driven by Masuoka. He cried, the track slippery due to rain, so in addition to performance, also the stability of the car can be felt.

After the test ride, not drive their own invitations using Triton X-HD 2.8-liter diesel engine 4M40 SOHC wading off-road terrain. Here not only strength, agility D-Cab is tested when cornering sharply uphill straight.


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