May 2011, Indonesia in ASEAN Top

Car sales in ASEAN countries who are members of the ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF) - consists of Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, generally decreased compared to the previous month, April 2011. Thailand even fell 10 percent over the same period a year earlier.


The decline is even greater when compared with March 2011 is the highest sales in most ASEAN countries, like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. It is inferred based on data issued by the AAF for sale until April.

Especially for Indonesia, because the AAF using wholesale data, replacing it with a retail obtained from one of the members GAIKINDO. While recent data, namely May, obtained from some of the media in their respective countries and international countries.

Only sales data May for Singapore, so far not been able to obtain. For this, it is considered the same as April 2011. With these assumptions, in the first five months of 2011, the number of vehicles sold in ASEAN has reached 1,098,498 units. Meanwhile, based on data AAF, the total from January to April, car sales in ASEAN rose 17.7 percent (from 769,125 units to 905,208 units in 2011 pda for the same period).

Recovered in June
Special May, although car sales in Indonesia are still declining, but it is top in ASEAN. Car sales in Indonesia reached 63,238 units.

March was the highest selling record of ASEAN, 266,670 units. In that month, Thailand achieved the highest sales of 93,008 units, the same is obtained car manufacturers and car manufacturers in Indonesia, 83,011 units. From March to April, sales of Thailand has decreased sharply and fell again in May to 50,936 units. Total sales in 2011, Thailand is still above Indonesia.

Meanwhile, according to Wuttikorn Suriyachantananon, Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor Thailand, the Thai media quoted a few weekends ago, said sales of cars in the country is expected this June.


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