F1 Teams Agree to Delay Engine 1.6 Turbo until 2014

The directors of engineering at the F1 teams have agreed to delay the rules about the socialization of the new engine in F1 until 2014. Initially, in 2013, the cars that competed in the arena of land the jet will use a 1.6-liter V6 turbo engine, but from the results of the meeting yesterday (22 / 6) F1 commission, could end up delaying until 2014.

Regarding the use of turbo four-cylinder engine is fitted there is a difference of opinion between the owner of the team and engine maker. Debate lasted for weeks, until the team owner to send the sound to the World Motor Sport Council. Thus, the proposal mentioned V6 engine was introduced in 2014 but still prefer the hybrid system.

In the debate between the F1 teams with a variety of reasons. Ferrari agree to the use of such four-cylinder engine, while the Mercedes-Benz and Cosworth expressed reservations because of its cost because of the need to develop new designs.

Only Renault V6 engine that supports the use. And Managing Director Jean-Francois Caubet reminded that the future of French car manufacturers in F1 depends on the change in engine regulations.

"I've talked with Bernie (Ecclestone, F1 boss) and Jean Todt (FIA president) that we (car manufacturers) are in the 'red zone' because we have no idea what will be the future of Renault," said Caubet.


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