Maybach Awaiting Fate, Disabled or Join!

Not all brands of super lucky. One of them is threatened shut down Maybach, now owned by Daimler-Benz group. Reported from Germany, Maybach fate will be decided on 1 July. Possibly, Daimler will turn it off or collaborate with Aston Martin to produce a second generation Maybach.

"The decision is positive, a second generation forward Maybach if acquire new partners,"said Dieter Zetsche told Automotive News Europe. Daimler had spoken with Aston Martin, asked the British manufacturers continued to produce the future of Maybach in Gaydon, England. At the factory, Aston Martin makes DBX, Vantange and RAPIDE.

If the decision is taken, Aston reported a profit, can use Daimler engines to be used for the model to be produced.

Another speculation, Aston Martin possibility to create and develop their own machine. Whereas, before, Autocar reports, Aston Martin and Maybach have been discussing a joint concept car will be exhibited at the Frankfurt Auto Show, September.

Daimler was forced to shut down because its sales tidakl Maybach meet the target. Only 157 units produced worldwide last year. In fact, Daimler minimum target of 1,500 units per year should be.


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