2013, Indonesia's Car Sales Reach One Million Units

Seeing the growth of car market in Indonesia recently, the Joint Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) said sales of one million units will be achieved more quickly one year, to 2013) from the initial estimate of 2014.

Previously, concerns had emerged from the Agent licensee (APM) from Japan who have problems due to the impact of the earthquake and tsunami last March 11. Apparently, the recovery is faster. According to the Chairman GAIKINDO Sudirman MR, supply units and components that are disrupted in Japan began to recover this month and returned to full operation, in July 2011.

"If the economic situation like this, the market this year remains at the initial prediction of 780,000 to 830,000 units. It is estimated that the 1 million club (one million units) is attained earlier" clearly Sudirman at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, yesterday.

2012: Grow 10 Percent
It is estimated that well, next year - without considering the negative aspects - the national car market will grow at least 10 percent. "Our prediction about 850000-900000 units. If achieved, the level of one million units just one step away," said Sudirman.

Meanwhile, Johnny Darmawan, chairman III Gaikindo added, it is time Indonesia became the largest in ASEAN. With a market of one million, we will lead the control of, any investment would flow to ground water.

Production of One Million
Furthermore, when asked when the total production of Indonesia could reach one million units, Sudirman said the timing was just a year later from the sale. Explained, years ago, car production in the country 702,508 units, while market reached 764,710 units.

"There are still CBU product, but the numbers were small. So if this year's market of about 800,000, automobile production in the country an estimated 760,000 units. So CBU only 40,000 units," he explained.

Until now, the total maximum capacity of a car assembly plant in Indonesia 860,000 units. Installed capacity of one million exceeded if a large investment plans running.

This year several manufacturers already make sure to establish a new factory to increase production is to Daihatsu with the additional production of 100,000 units per year. Toyota, 50,000 units, Nissan and Suzuki 50,000 units 100,000 units.


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