Suzuki Swift Ready to Sell Hybrid "Plug-ins" in 2013

Suzuki Motor Corporation is ready to launch flagship hatchback Swift plug-in hybrid technology in 2013, as reported by local media Nikkei (12/06/2011). Car prices is estimated at under 2 million yen (Rp212 million) per unit with a target of selling thousands of units a year.

Swift plug-in hybrids will be equipped with lithium-ion battery with similar technologies such as the Toyota Prius. Using an electric motor for speeds up to 30 km and then a conventional engine work.

Suzuki Swift was first showcased hybrid plug-in at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 and continues to develop its technology. At that time, Swift 660cc engine mated with a 54 kW electric motor that is placed on both the two front wheels. After two years of its emergence, the media proclaim the vehicle will be marketed, although there has been no official confirmation from the company.


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