Hino Dutro Hybrid Prepare for the U.S. Market

Toyota Motor Company, through Hino Motors Limited, set up tech Dutro Hybrid light truck diesel engine mated to an electric motor. Commercial vehicle is intended for the U.S. market and goes on sale in December 2011.

As reported by autonews (06/15/2011), the launch Dutro Toyota is evidence of expertise in technology hirbida after success with the Prius. In addition, it also marks the return to the country Hino Uwak Sam after an absence of seven years.

According to Hino, Dutro Hybrid main advantage is the fuel consumption becomes more efficient to 50 percent of the conventional model. Two variants are marketed is Dutro 155h helpless freight and Dutro 195h 6.5 tons (8.9 tons). Introduced a hybrid version is a cab over engine (COE) or the engine is under the cabin.

Both J05E Hino trucks use engine capacity of 5 liters and producing 210 PS power and 597 Nm of torque. To move the engine power and electric motor to the wheels, Hino uses automatic transmission 6-speed Aisin. While this type of battery used NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride.

Hope next Hino, light truck sales increasing four-fold, 140,000 units in 2015 in the country. Hino believes this new product to be well received based on the experience in Japan. Because of that expected, the hybrid truck to be launched next July, could contribute 30 percent of total sales of Hino in the United States.


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