2011 Daihatsu Charade

2011 Daihatsu Charade

The Exterior of the 2011 Daihatsu Charade

Charade is one of the legendary cars belongs to one of the Japanese car manufacturers, Daihatsu. We never heard about this car for long time because the production of Charade has been stopped many years ago, and now, Daihatsu seems want to accommodate consumers’ request by bringing it again with new design before the Japanese company resigns from the European market. From the exterior, it is hard to differentiate between the 2011 Daihatsu Charade and Toyota Yaris (XP90). It means Charade is quite tiny so it will be good if used for exploring streets in big cities. This city car provides 5 door to give wider access to driver and passengers to in and out or if they want to load goods when travelling.

Engine and Performance of the 2011 Daihatsu Charade

The new Charade is equipped with 1.3-liter gasoline engine which can provide up to 99 horsepower. Consumers can choose between 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. The 2011 Daihatsu Charade concerns about the gas emission issues. To fulfill the European standard of emission, Daihatsu Charade produces 120g per km. This “Yaris” from Daihatsu will be introduced to the market officially this month. With the performance, Daihatsu Charade 2011 is suitable for small family who do not need big car. This vehicle will be enough to take small group to the destination in good safety both environmentally and personally.


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