Ford Motor Introduces 15 New Car in China

Ford Motor Co. will introduce 15 new cars in China until 2015, it was as part of Ford's expansion in the Asian market is booming.

Ford said 15 new cars are part of Ford's plan to introduce 50 new products or machines to strengthen Ford's dominance in the Asia Pacific market in the next four years.

The company wanted to close the gap between competitors such as Volkswagen AG and General Motors Co. in the largest automotive market in the world.

Ford will double the number of dealers in China in 2015 from the current number of around 340 dealers. They also will increase the workforce to 1,200 people that year.

"Our new products will significantly strengthen Ford's penetration in existing segments and encourage new growth of other segments," said Joe Hinrichs, Ford's president of Asia Pacific and Africa in a statement.

The first car of the 15 new cars for Ford in China is an all-new Ford Focus which was designed by engineers in Europe and sold since March.

Ford began producing new Focus in China in 2012. The car will be made on a new Ford plant in Chongqing for $ 490 million with initial capacity of 150 thousand units.

Ford's new Focus car currently made ​​in Saarlouis, Germany and the United States. Production of the latest generation Ford Focus will start at the Ford plant in St. Petersburg, Russia, later this year.

As soon as Russia and China began to produce, Ford will move closer to his plan is to sell two million cars a small size to 120 countries.

Ford expects 70 percent growth in the next 10 years from his company in Asia Pacific and Africa.


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