Through the launch of the BMW 325i film "Catatan Si Boy"

BMW Indonesia resemble a little bit "unique" when it launched the 325i performed in the Tower Epicentrum, South Jakarta, Tuesday (21/06/2011) this. The introduction of a small sedan, together with the national premiere of The Boy Diaries.

So, what is the relationship between BMW and the film by director Putrama Tuta it? After watching the film, missed when the film becomes a daily car BMW 325i Satrio, the main character.

In terms of appearance, BMW's new 325i is no difference with the previous model. There is only the addition of several features, including Efficient Dynamics, according to Helena Abidin, Corporate Communications Director of PT BMW Indonesia, the sedan is more fuel-efficient 3 percent because it is equipped with Electronic Power Steering with Servotronic and one Brake Energy Regeneration.

In addition, there are convenience features such as Bluetooth Office Connected Drive that can connect multimedia devices such as mobile phones and tablet to read the contact list, SMS, and MMS from the main console dashboard display. The device also can play songs from an audio player without wires.


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