Nissan Mitsubishi New Project "NMKV"

Nissan Motor Company (NMC) and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced a cooperation of both to produce small cars called Kei-Car-special for the Japanese market. Both also establish a new company named NMKV compay Limited, based in Takanawa, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan, with a capital of 10 million yen, or USD 1 billion and began operating June 1, 2011.

Actually the announcement of the cooperation Nissan-Mitsubishi has been blowing since December last year and realized today. Total of 35 new workers in this company will prepare a strategic product planning and engineering of new small cars for both brands. Including, setting up the supply chain components, partner companies, and marketing strategies.

Early stage, Nissan will supply wagon models for Mitsubishi in Japan, while supplying Mitsubishi sport utility vehicle (SUV) for Nissan in the Middle East region. NMKV is the answer to the development of the condition of the Japanese car market is dominated by small cars aka Kei Car.

This cooperation is expected to encourage Nissan to develop new products that reflect their identity, both of design and product characteristics. As for Mitsubishi, cooperation is expected to add a series of models that are marketed and increasing economies of scale.


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