Whew, Aprilia RSV4 Car Tech

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Factory Italian motorcycles, Aprilia, Aprilia is testing the Performance Ride Control is installed on the model of the RSV4. Sport-style motorcycle is equipped with technology Launch Control (control launcher), Wheelie Control (control wheel lift), Traction Control (traction control), and Quick Shift (shift gears quickly) will be tested on the circuit.

This system is more widely used in four-wheel vehicles. Interestingly, each system can be programmed on and off individually (by rider).

Launch Control (LC) keep the engine speed does not open too big when the rider wants shot at the beginning (usually in the race). That way, the tires do not have skid.

In addition there are LC, and Traction Control Wheelie additional riders raced with seamless ease.

Not only that, Wheelie Control can also see a lot of data, including acceleration and position of the gas. In the event of wheel lift, there is no disconnection of electrical current. Only, the device modulates the height of the tire and keep the maximum acceleration so that the rider is safe when maneuvering around the corner.

Traction Control is another thing. This system has eight levels of adjustment on a different bend angles. So, this can reduce the symptoms caused by slippage at the corner of the engine power is too great.

The Quick Shift only serves to raise each gear without having to shut down the gas. Shift equals 40 milliseconds to evaluate the conditions of travel, gas position, gear position, and acceleration.


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