9Power, Increase Ignition Spark plug

Ignition systems in vehicles is one of the primary key can operate the machine, as well as burning gasoline in the engine and create mechanical motion. Sometimes, the default factory ignition system still felt less than the maximum.

Well, to answer this challenge, native to Indonesia 9Power-product produced using materials Magnesium Manganese C can increase the ignition. It is small, similar-sized piece of bamboo was just the spark plug wires. Application is easy: just open the head of the spark plug insert 9Power appropriate directions and has been active.

Teng Herrera, the creator said, "9Power work captures the frequency created by the flow of electricity and compressed, so the fire is out labih solid and purposeful. Similar to the mechanism of the water hose which ends narrowed."

For those of you who are interested, can directly come to the PRJ, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta 9Power visited the exhibition booth. Additional information, in PRJ 9Power only one unit priced cheaper.


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