Porsche Panamera Six Seconds Speed 100 km

Porsche claims the new vehicle can travel a distance of nearly 750 miles (roughly 1,200 km) with a new diesel Panamera. Details were announced this week ahead of sales in the UK from August.

The new model featured a tuned engine Porsche VW Group's 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel engine, common-rail pressure of more than 2,000 bars and variable geometry turbocharging.

The engine produces 247 horsepower (bhp) and 406 lb ft peak torque between 1750rpm and 2750 rpm, similar to the rotation at the Cayenne diesel 3.0 liters, but farther distance. Panamera also had the energy that is slightly larger.

The engine is fitted with eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive, "stop-start" is standard. Combination machines could bring Panamera to 62 mph in 6.8 seconds and to the highest speed of 150 mph. And, Porsche claims the CO2 emissions of 172g/km and 43.5mpg combined fuel economy - enough for the Panamera bertangki 80 liters of fuel to travel 745 miles (about 1198 km) in a single fill of fuel.

The car also will offer a choice of low-resistance tires further reduce CO2 emissions to 167g/km. Standard equipment includes "Active Suspension Managemant" Porsche, bi-xenon headlights, front and rear parking guide, "tire pressure monitoring", and touch screen satellite navigation. List of options including a change from the standard steel spring suspension air.

The buyers will also get a free session Porsche driving experience at Silverstone. Panamera diesel prices start £ 62,134, slightly more expensive than diesel 3.0-liter Jaguar XJ.


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