New Lamborghini SUV !

Lamborghini will make SUVs. Like what about shape? As a specialist manufacturer sportcar sedan with an exotic form, if well maintained. Included is also energy.

On social networking has been busy talking that Lamborghini are interested in making the SUV. Mentioned, an Italian manufacturer who is now a member of the Volkswagen Group, eager to bring back the spirit of LM002 in the 1980s as a model.

Very probably make a Lamborghini SUV, especially now been included in the Volkswagen Group. So that they can maintain its image as a maker of exotic cars with wearing platform of his brothers. Once the magazine Autoexpress.

Today, the VW group is developing SUVs, such as next-generation Porsche for Panamera and Cayenne. The spirit of aiming Lambo SUV might be that the rival Ferrari with the firm said it will not make a SUV.

"Ferrari is very unlikely to play in SUVs because SUVs have no connection to. While Lamborghini is very likely to make it, but can not do it alone. And they seem to be working together with Porsche," said Autoexpress.


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