Mazda3 Exposed "Recall"

Mazda Motor Corporation announced it would withdraw for repairs (recall) as many as 494,500 Mazda3 Axela or any other names around the world, including Indonesia. Repairs carried out due to an electronic system found damage to the wiper (swabs glass) front so it does not work.

Drawn is the production of Mazda3 in January 2008 to July 2010 from Japan. It sounds trivial, but quite inconvenient when it rains, it could jeopardize the trip because the views are limited. A spokesman for Mazda, as reported by Reuters on Wednesday (15/06/2011), admitted there was no reported accidents related to this damage by consumers.

If parsed, the majority of the taxable Mazda3 recall spread in North America, which is 157,700 units, 91,600 units followed by Europe, China (84,000 units), and 20,000 in Japan. In Indonesia alone, the number of sales of the hatchback is not too significant, in his final year, 2009, Gaikindo data shows there are only two units sold. In 2010, PT Mazda Motor Indonesia decided to stop selling this model to the market.


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