Toyota Percy, Ready to Release the World No. 1 Position

Toyota Motor Corporation in the middle of the intersection, at risk of losing the number one position this year. Because the production and sales declined three consecutive months. While sales of the group closest kompetitior General Motors, Volkswagen and Hyundai-Kia actually increase. Seeing the situation, Toyota is reportedly willing to release the # 1 position.

TMC Executive Vice President, Satoshi Ozawa said, quality and customer satisfaction is much more important than sales volume. "There is no means for us to remain number 1 in global if no satisfactory customer service quality," he explained.

Added, Toyota no ambitions to become the largest producer in the world, just target the 15 percent global market share. Although large, the target does not guarantee a fixed position at the top. Fiscal year 2011, Toyota predicts car sales worldwide fell 1 percent to only 7.25 million units.


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