Robot Eyes of Yamaha scooter

Yamaha Motor USA introduced two new automatic scooter, Zuma 50F and Majesty. Both these models as the answer to the Yamaha that in 2011 they still launch new products.

Robot eye lights

While reading the name of the automatic scooter (scooter) is, it occurred that the figure is small because a motorbike carrying a 4-stroke engine cylinder capacity of 49cc. Apparently, quite to the length dimension 73 inches, 28.8 inches wide and 43.1 inches high enough to sustain ideal body "Caucasian girl. " Intake fuel injection system uses V-belt automatic transmission.

Zuma has two round headlights that is separate from the fairing makes the display look funny, eye-like robot. Tire size of 10 inches with 120/90 profile (front-rear) offers the ability to maneuver is more agile scooter plus quasi-front (43 millimeters) and a single quasi rear.

Another plus, with a small engine, fuel consumption is certainly lighter. Yamaha claims to 52.3 km per liter. The capacity of storage space behind the seats of some 23 liters, load to full-face helmet. The price offered is 2490 U.S. dollars (USD 21.2 million), with three color choices, Raven, Yamaha Blue / White or White Apine.


The second model is the latest version of the legendary model Majesty is known as one of the mascot Yamaha scooter in the segment. Last year the launch was held and a new financial crisis could be done this year. Yamaha scooter is equipped with medium-395 cc single cylinder engine with a claimed fuel consumption record 21.2 km per liter.

Yamaha did not seem to do a lot of changes to this facelift model. Shape or design standard motorcycle is still similar to older versions. Some excellent specification including front pretentious and quasi-double 41 mm (rear), tire size of 14 inches (front). and 13-inch (rear).


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