Toyota Corolla Airbag Problem?

Just one report only in the United States was able to start an investigation. Institute for highway safety authorities the United States (NHTSA) is investigating a report of a driver who admitted the air sacs in his 2008 Corolla does not inflate when the vehicle hit a deer at a speed of 55 miles per hour.

As reported Autoweek, NHTSA said the investigation would probably take effect for about 170 thousand vehicles. Toyota Corolla became the second best selling model after the Camry in recent years. "We will cooperate with NHTSA investigation," said Brian Lyons, a spokesman for Toyota.

Since fall 2009, Toyota has attracted 19.2 million cars worldwide and more than 13.7 million cars in the United States to respond to safety complaints. Most of the reports on the occurrence of acceleration when the driver does not strengthen tenanan the gas pedal. NHTSA investigation was to respond to the petition filed Fred and Susan Maynard in March, when they lived in Williamsburg, Virginia.

They say hitting a deer while driving a car at night with a speed of 55 mph on the highway from Gettysburg, Pa., to Harrisburg, Pa.. Their letter on display at the NHTSA web pages. The two men were not seriously injured but they could not be reached for comment Autoweek.


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