The garbage crisis even before the increase garbage crisis even before the increase of 30% of Tarsu
de Santis-3-

Breathe a sigh of relief to the majority Mongelli Municipality of Foggia, where you race against the clock to close the budget that needs to match the increase in Tarsu accounts and ministerial meet the cuts. The Council of Ministers has accepted the request of Anci giving the OK to the extension for the approval of the local budget. New deadline: August 31. Everything froze, then, at the time. Of course, the rise in the bill there is no escape but only after clearing the town. And so it will probably be cheaper to meet the coalition forces (which, without prejudice to the Democratic Party, remain strongly opposed): would you, in fact, probing the possibility to lower it from 35 to 30%. Little stuff. But the budget requirements do not allow more. Does not add up.

The council session convened yesterday morning on the 2010 balance sheet has been deserted. In its place, a summit of the coalition. Amica at the center node, also discussed yesterday afternoon by the letters of the company's South Course. We try to understand what happens on the farm of garbage, what is actually behind the garbage crisis. Councillor for Environment Pasquale Russo must start afresh from the roles and tasks: Amica has 270 employees, not on the street would drop more than 40 (just think that only now the mayor has signed 60 Mongelli service orders for as many employees) . So the fleet, obsolete and renewed. But the workers are just there to bear the responsibility, say you are willing to withdraw the strike on July 4 and to support any sacrifice. Provided, however, that there are no guarantees about the future and decent working conditions.

Denounce means crumbling, not normally a threat to their own safety, and defy the administration to follow. He did it in the night Councillor SEL Leonardo De Santis, present at the summit Mongelli - unions yesterday morning and that has logged the request of a council of its Friendly monothematic: "We have photographed - he said - dramatic work situations. I'm going to see with my own eyes. Tonight I will go up about half Amica "he said yesterday De Santis. And so it was.


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