Operation "River" in prison 50 years old accountant of Cerignola

http://3.citynews-foggiatoday.stgy.it/pictures/20110228/gdf_2.jpegOperation "River" in prison 50 years old accountant of Cerignola
The five people arrested as part of the "River" involved in various capacities and protagonists of a tax fraud of 461 million euros, were owned by a publishing group based in Cerignola connected to companies operating in several regions in the trade wholesale and retail sale of computer equipment and telephones. Between 2007 and 2010, ten companies of the group have recorded and issued invoices for nonexistent transactions relating to purchases and sales of goods and services, creating a "carousel fraud". According to the financiers of the provincial command of Foggia, the inside guy's company is an accountant in the city which was Ofantina Italian and foreign companies registered in the name of the nominee.

The investigations of the GDF have shed light on how the entrepreneur decides from time to time that their companies would have to assume the role of seller or buyer, billing million and then disappear without submitting tax returns and pay taxes to the treasury. Where the supply of goods actually took place, usually for computer products and mobile phones, these, without the cost of taxation, could be marketed at all a loss, a practice that alters the balance of free competition and a huge toll on honest entrepreneurs .

The total amount of tax fraud perpetrated is quantified in more than 461 million euros in revenues are not declared or accounted for to the tax authorities for IRES: 113.6 million euros, non-deductible costs: over 95.5 million euro tax evaded IRAP: over 209 million euros, VAT due to: over 43 million euros of the amount found false invoices: over 95.5 million euros.

On disposal of dr. Carlo Proto, investigating magistrate of the Court of Foggia and the request of the Prosecutor's Office headed by Chief Prosecutor, Vincenzo Russo, Mario has been arrested River. At the house of an entrepreneur Bari 54 years and three cerignolani. The financiers are also subject to seizure as many shares of 22 companies operating in various sectors, and made out to arrest, for a total market value of about 3.4 million. 13 companies were seized seized for the entire holding, the other 9 companies have seized lower altitudes (50% and 10%);

Operation "River" has seen the commitment of the Tax Police Unit of Foggia, with the operational support of the Lieutenancy of Cerignola and Giulianova company, and information support of the II International Department of the General Command of the Guardia di Finanza. The investigation lasted almost two years and surveys have resulted in ten to as many companies of the tax departments of the provincial command of the GDF of Foggia.


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