Forest seize illegal dumping

Forest seize illegal dumping of hazardous waste
In Isola Varano, in the countryside of Ischitella, agents of the Forest of Monte Sant'Angelo and Cagnano Varano have discovered and seized an illegal dump of waste of 500 square meters, located close to a farm cattle and buffaloes, that produced meat and milk.

In the course of a 52 year old man has been charged with illegal handling of waste without a permit, modification of the condition of the premises and invasion of a parcel of land of the demesne of the City. The area is located in the Gargano National Park and is burdened by environmental landscape bond.

Additional checks in Cagnano Varano in Solan town, led to the discovery of an illegal road of 500 meters linking the province with 43 ​​private land. We look for responsible, that would be charged with crimes of nature and urban-environmental change in the intended use of the land.


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