theft and robbery arrested rat apartments Nicander Garganico, theft and robbery arrested rat apartments
ICarabinieri the Compagnia di San Severo have apprehended a convicted Class 1986, in execution of arrest warrants issued by the Court of Lucera, as they held responsible for crimes of aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery in the competition.

About a month ago, 25 years old, assisted by three other accomplices have not yet identified, is introduced inside a home in San Nicandro Garganico stealing some items. Occurred in the apartment, the owner caught the thieves. Caught in the act, the arrested person was hurled against the victim, knocking him to the ground and even stealing the pouch containing cash and personal documents.

The boy was recognized and indicated to investigators that the perpetrator committed against him. Collected all the evidence, given that CA is burdened by specific precedents and has been referred in a state of freedom, the military command of the station of San Severo have requested and obtained the issuance of the injunction, Attorney at Lucera. Performed with the translation of the measure undermined by its own home, under house arrest.


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