Unusual locomotives and railcars

Above the Stirling 8 footer, named for that huge 8 foot driven wheel
The El Dobernador... if you've heard of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's nickname, you might be amused that it sounds nearly the same as this locomotive... the Govenator. Yes, that is a long pull. I still was amused and made the connection
The Garratt... the boiler is in the middle with the cab, the water is carried over one engine and the fuel over the other. Garratts were designed for great tractive effort and great flexibility. The engines on either end were articulated so even though the locomotive was quite long it could negotiate curves like a much smaller engine type. It also spread the load of engines, fuel and water over a long wheelbase and many axles thus permitting it to run on lighter weight rails as well
1910 McKeen that served until 1945 and was then used as a diner and a part of a plumbing business. After being donated to the Carson City railroad museum it underwent a lengthy restoration, and is the only remaining complete McKeen car in existence
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