Harley CEO gave himself a 6.4 million dollar bonus, for the worst sales year in 12 years

Harley Davidson Inc. CEO, Keith Wandell is paying himself a $6.4 million bonus for Harley’s worst sales year since 1999.

It was also disclosed that HD accepted a secret $2.3 billion bailout in 2008. Harley reported a $146.5 million profit in 2010, compared with a $55.1 million loss in 2009.

In 2010, new union contracts saw a total of 2,300 job cuts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin plus reduced wages and benefits for the remaining union employees, for a total cost saving that will eventually add up to $50 million annually

Totally copied from http://goawaygarage.blogspot.com but what is there to do when coming across this info? Not remark on it?


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