Electric Golf Trolleys - Choosing the Right One for You

Selecting an Electric Golf Trolley is a daunting task. With small independent analysis on the market, how does one choose which trolley is the appropriate one? Here are some guidelines to support guide you in that procedure.

Start off by defining the functions you want. Features come with a cost tag - so early in the procedure, choose a comfy cost range. Analysis models available see how their functions match your wants and cost range.

If you just want support in moving the clubs, you might be properly satisfied with picking from manually-controlled electric golf carts. If convenience is what you are after, and do not mind the additional price, a Remote Control Golf Caddy might be what you are looking for. The wonderful news is that the cost gap between manually-controlled and remote-controlled trolleys has lessened in recent years.

With a manual-control electric golf caddy, the cart functions are controlled from a panel on the cart handle. And given that you want to be close to the cart to advance it, freedom of movement is limited. With remote control, the golf caddy is controlled by a wireless device the size of a small Television remote. So, you have alot more freedom of movement but, you'll need someplace like a pocket to carry the remote device. 

In deciding upon the perfect electric golf caddy, I suggest initial narrowing the choices to either Manual or Remote Control Golf Trolleys. This will make the research simpler. When you have decided which of these paths you'd like to investigation, look at these major factors: 1) Performance, 2) Control Features, and 3) Drive Method.

1.Performance - determines how well your electric golf caddy transports the clubs. Important parameters are Climb-Capability (in degrees of slope), OperatingRange (the number of holes you can play on a single battery charge, and Carrying Capacity (maximum carry weight). For Range you could possibly see something like 18-27 holes which, frequently means 18 holes on hilly and 27 holes on flat courses. Unless you strategy to play only on flat courses, I suggest you look at electric golf carts rated a minimum of 27 holes. Concerning Climb-Capability -- for hilly courses look for a cart rated at least 20 degrees 30 degrees is greater. Concerning Carrying Capacity - look for carts rated at least 15 lbs. much more than the maximum weight of your bag & clubs.

Performance Factors - Factors that ascertain electric golf trolley performance are motor size in Watts, battery power in Amp-Hours (Ah) and cart/battery weight. For most courses a motor rated at 175 Watts really should be adequate. Battery power can vary from ~20 Ah to ~ 40 Ah. For hilly courses look for batteries rated in the 30-40 Ah range.

2. Control Functions:  Below is a listing of the extra commonly offered control functions. Usually the more you get, the additional you pay. Look over these features, separate them into categories 1) "gotta have," 2) "nice to have" and 3) "do not have to have," and make your acquiring decision accordingly.

a. Simple control feature selections readily available in Electric Golf Trolleys:

  • Variable forward speed - Available on all
  • Distance Advance - Makes it possible for the cart to be advanced in its present direction a pre-selected distance (e.g. 10, 20, or 30 yards). Particularly beneficial around the green where, after you have removed your putter, you can automatically move the cart closer to the back of the green toward the next hole.
  • Speed Memory - The cart returns to your pre-selected walking speed each time it is re-started.
  • Cruise Control - The cart maintains same speed going up or downhill.
  • Electronic Brakes - A feature to help steer clear of "run-away carts."
  • Totally free-Wheeling - Enables disengaging power and operate like a push cart

b.Simple Feature options offered in Remote Control Golf Carts

  • Turning (Left and Right) - Controlled remotely
  • Reverse Direction - Controlled remotely

c. Advanced Feature Options available in Electric Golf Trolleys:

  • Torque Control - Enables smooth starts and stops - much less jerking
  •  "Intelligent Start off" - Starts at pre-set conditions
  • Descent Control - Controls the speed of the cart in the course of descent
  • Automatic Shut-Off - Automatically shuts off trolley when no command received in 40 seconds prevents run-away.
  • Electronic Tracking - Cart's power and turns can be programmed to fit the characteristics of the course being played.
  • Programmable speed settings - Permits 1 to pre-program personalized speed settings.

d. Conveniencefeature alternatives in Electric Golf Carts

  • Battery Charge Indicator - for "peace of mind"
  • LED Displays - For a extra "in control" feeling
  • Diagnostic Information - In case there is trouble

three. Drive Wheels:  

  1. The drive wheel(s) may well be front or rear. Older golf trolley designs normally had front- wheel drives. These tend to have extra slippage going uphill even so a positive point is they tend to tip over backwards less. For rear-wheel drive trolleys, a retractable anti-tip rear wheel is a have to on hilly courses.
  2. Single or dual-drive wheels. Single drive wheels have much less to control having said that, power is commonly limited to a single motor. Newer designs tend to be dual independent rear-wheel drive. These have more power than the older single-wheel designs and advances in control technologies make coordination of independently powered wheels additional economical.

four. Other Elements:  When satisfied that you comprehend these basic purchase decision elements then give some thought to other elements such as those listed below:  

A. Construction Style and Supplies: Look for sturdy, but lightweight construction Tubular steel frames are the most rugged, but also weigh more. An aluminum frame is lighter than steel, but dents much more very easily. A titanium frame is light and powerful, but alot more high priced. Models made of anodized aluminum alloy frame with titanium finish could possibly be a good choice for the occasional golfer. The golfer who is on the course each day could want to look at a steel or titanium frame.

B. Component Supplies: Steel bag supports are typically stronger and longer lasting than those produced of ABS or other plastic supplies.

C. Dimensions and Fold-capability: Check folded, unfolded dimensions to make certain the cart will fit into your auto, and no matter if it is very easy to setup and fold. Acquire a good match for your construct and height.  . The handle height should really be comfy reach.

D. Weight: You want the trolley to be light enough to lift in and out of your vehicle by yourself. So confirm the total weight of the cart including the battery.

E. Deal with: Give consideration to the handle shape & design. Select a manage that enables you to grab very easily and operate, in particular if you are left-handed. Pay attention to where manage mounted controls are located (suitable, left, center).

F. Wheels and Tires:  Wide tires tend to be a lot more stable and are easier on the course. Pneumatic tires with tread slip much less on wet grass. Trolleys with quick-release major wheels are less complicated to store and clean. Double-check to see if the cart can be quickly pushed in a totally free-wheeling mode.

G. Accessories: The cart you select has optional accessories. Some of these may be included with the cart, and that is worth taking into account in your getting decision.

H. Warranty: Select a trolley with at least a 1 year warranty. Trolleys go through a lot in the course of their life. Higher-end (and higher priced) trolleys are likely to have a 2-year frame/parts warranty. Far better batteries come with 1-year warranty. Occasionally you will uncover a separate & longer duration warranty for the motor.

I. Following-Sale Service: Customer service and technical support are also worth contemplating just before getting your golf trolley. Check customer reviews to see regardless of whether the trolley is dependable and the dealer is reputable. Make certain that there is an individual ready to help you in case you will need technical support. I have discovered that provides a very good selection, at superb costs and superb customer service.


Having read this you now have the key ingredients for making a fantastic informed choice about which trolley to buy. Wonderful Luck and Beneficial Golfing!


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