three dozen reasons to know you'll like looking through Go Away Garage blogspot

Above a WW2 Crosley 3 wheeler
Gas in the spark plugs... wow, that was a long time ago
I think the above is the supercharged straight eight
not good to see your back wheel pass you by
Stutz Blackhawk at Ormand Beach

Steam powered lawn mowers.... your neighbors would freak out.
crew cab model a, custom made

Great old vintage bike stand

They said it's photoshopped, but I don't care
Ner a car

They look like they are bolted to a bar under the bikes, probably a carnival ride

Above is a Willys or Graham I think
I like the van without the headlights, nice custom bodywork look
Private Hawaiian plantation tourist trainride

Morgan, very early I bet
I'd never heard before that Oral Roberts (televangelist) had bought a Futurliner... huh
That helmet is terrific
I know I have forgotten what I used to know about the above dragster.
1906 Stanley Steamer set the land speed record for steam powered cars at Ormand Beach, and that 126 mph record still stands. Steam was obsolete so quickly after Stanley and Doble perfected its use in cars, that no one even tried o break their record
Way cool Triumph gas tanks stringed art. I doubt it plays, but it does look incredible

Gyro stabilized car
Vespa in the back of a Citreon 2cv... awesome

see these and a whole lot more at but don't look while at work, there is a lot of hardwood floors and tatays


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