Paint Pigments Xirallic Manufactured Again in Japan

9.0 Richter scale earthquake and tsunami storm that hit parts of northern Japan in March and has shaken the world automotive industry. How not, the areas hit by it not only became one of the central production of some car brands, but also the production of some vital components such as microchips, plastic materials, and paint pigments.

Paint pigment manufacturers of the most widely used car in the world is Xirallic. Use these materials to create the effect in a number of pearl metallic paint and is very popular in the automotive industry for the glitter and shimmer effects.

Merck KGaA Onahama factory in which the repairs completed on 8 May (faster than the plan) will start operating next month. According to the company, which already operates plants at this time was run in conditions that lack capacity. The plant had just returned to work as normal from next month.

From this experience, Merck plans to set up second plant in Germany and is expected to be operational before the end of the year. "This second plant will significantly increase production to supply 2012. The most important, our main priority is to ensure as soon as possible so that the supply of pigment Xirallic unbroken," said Peter Halas, Head of the Pigments and Cosmetics.


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