How many damn cupholders does a passenger need? The Chrysler Town and Country for example has too many, but a brilliant armrest/console design

Above you can se the regular position, up front for the center console and drivers cupholder use
Ah HA! Do the drivers of Town and Country vans really need two more cupholders?
So this has three parts on slides, and comes right back to the passengers. That is a damn cool center console designed with more storage, 3 layers, and mobility to slide to the back in 2 stages

But look at the way the 2nd row passengers get this cupholder slid back to them... cool.
Look even further and see a cupholder in the sidedoor... now why does each passenger need two cup holders? The people in front have the holders under the radio, the ones in their doors, and then the center console can either be for them, or the 2nd row people who also have door cupholders


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