New Chevrolet Malibu Produced in Korea

After introducing the newest model Malibu, Chevrolet American car manufacturers announced plans for the vehicle production in the three countries gradually. Funny thing is, our country would get a second turn in 2012 and the first given to China which began production late 2011.

Being a third country is South Korea, located in Bupyeong. Malibu became one of the first car that will replace the board anama GM Daewoo with the Chevrolet brand. Production of the first model is planned for autumn 2013.

"He pointed Korea as a key selling Malibu to increase global brand and to continue our growth while improving the supply to consumers in Korea," said Russ Clark, Director of Chevrolet.

Compared with the previous Malibu, the new model is offered with shorter dimension, but wider). Regarding the engine, GM will install a capacity of 2.5-liter four-cylinder, with automatic transmission. Maximum power 190 PS with torque of 245 Nm.


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