Idaho Market for Automotive Businesses; Doing it Right

Any person who has been watching the Idaho Marketplace Carefully for auto services, knows that the market is ripe, ready and growing. I visited Southern Idaho right after establishing franchises in Northern Idaho 3 years ago for our auto aftermarket franchise enterprise. We have surveyed the competition as well and found that significantly of the original competition in these Southern Idaho markets is unsophisticated and not setting any speed records. Of course to their benefit it appears that they are not trying. But the region is growing and it is time for them to wake up and smell the coffee and get the show on the road. In the mobile auto detailing and vehicle wash small business there is significantly opportunity indeed.

As far as competition there is not a lot to worry about there. We met 1 competitor in the Twin Falls Location. He says he services Twin Falls, Rupert, Burley, Heyburn, Jerome, & Buhl areas. We asked him how company was. He said it was "SSSLLLOOOOOOOW !!!" However there is small if any competition and it did not appear he was attempting to attract any new company, meaning there is a lot of work and revenue, which has been left on the table. His comments had been fairly interesting considering the population in the location is really good and growing. We talked to his biggest region competitor who had a tiny unit he towed behind his Nissan Choose-up who washes car lots for seven of the areas largest dealerships. We then talked to the auto detailers who had been satisfied, but had not a lot of great things to say about it. We took a closer look at the gentleman's rig that said organization was ssssllloooooow, as he parked out side of the Wal-Mart in Burley, ID. And noticed that he does not appear to respect animal rights. He had a stuffed animal, a Tasmanian Devil, zip tied to his trucks grill as if it was a road kill. So significantly for brand image we recognize that in Idaho it is particularly complicated to drive year right after year without having hitting a Dear. But we imagine this guy does not slow down judging by his front bumper and bad attitude towards our fellow species.

As we began to look over his tow vehicle we noticed a few dents. He had two bumper sticks one was DAMM, "Drunks Against Mad Mothers and the other was "Shit Happens." I am incredibly considerably against Drunk Drivers in any state and we realize that countless Americans each and every year are killed by Drunk Drivers. The numbers are staggering and what countless fail to understand is that we have had even more drunk driving deaths in our country than Americans killed in W.W.II. In 2001 a somewhat light year for drunk driving deaths, there were 16,653 official deaths from drunk driving and 1000 from drunk boating that was only 1 year, picture how a lot of because WWII. Unofficially there were numerous alot more contributing deaths from drunk driving where it was a partial factor. We are the only franchise with a clause in our franchise agreement that if you drink and drive in a Auto Wash Guys Truck you automatically can lose your franchise here is the clause.

"three.15.2 Drunk Driving"

"You agree not to drink and drive a mobile vehicle wash truck of your franchised home business on a public highway when you could possibly be over the legal limit of toxicity. You also agree not to drive your personal vehicle in the manner described above. Such violation of the law resulting in the conviction of a felony or misdemeanor is subject to termination of your Franchise Agreement."

All organizations in the auto business need to have such clauses in their employment manuals or if a franchise you may well copy this one. Organizations should certainly support Mother's Against Drunk Drivers. We have at all times supported neighborhood groups such as MADD and DARE and Nancy Reagan's "Just Say NO !" Programs in the past, given that we think that this sort of behavior sets a bad example to young people today. We need to lead by example to insure a strong up and coming generation to lead us in the future. In Lewiston, ID we had a competitor who was selling drugs out of the back of his car wash. It was frequent knowledge in town. This is unacceptable we for that reason established our own auto wash there across the river in Clarkston, WA. We think that tiny small business in the auto industry need to be 1 with the community and stop such problematic and detrimental issues in their towns. Join us in putting a bite into crime.

We also noted that this competitor in Burley, ID had parked blocking part of a Handicap Spot even though running into Wal-Mart to acquire Beer and Munchies for the pending nightly smoke out party. Even though we do not condemn responsible drinking or care what folks smoke on their own time, we see a negative pattern here with this certain, but typical Idaho Competitor, so it appears that a lot more responsible operators have a wide-open market in auto after market services in Southern, ID. Possibly he was planning a party for the local Hospice and inviting over neighborhood donors? We realize that with out a cover over his vehicle he was in a hurry to get residence just before the rain and possibly did not want any person to steal his radio. We just are a little perturbed about the lack of respect for our Physically Challenged Citizens throughout the Nation. All auto businesses must support the handicapped. Here is an idea of a way you can do just that in your community

Each auto business enterprise ought to have policies in location to prevent abuse to handicapped buyers. We have led by example in these issues and have continually been on the leading edge of vital problems concerning peoples of our countries, this is why our Franchise System and our team Members have agreed in advance to not park in or block handicap parking spots. Won't you join us and do the same in your Auto Immediately after marketplace company? We are so serious about such abuses to the typical very good of the Physically Challenged that we have made it a portion of our franchise agreement. Your auto organization can copy this if you wish or make your own policy to fit your business model for your outlets and employees:

"three.15.three Handicapped Spots"

"You, your employees, managers, partners, officers or directors agree not to park in handicapped spots for the duration of this Franchise Agreement unless you or they are basically handicapped and have a bona fide existing placard"

We are the only franchise in the history of the World to make this an issue in our franchise agreement, but we will need to not be the last, join us now in setting points suitable. We mean it when we say we think in the highest standards of conduct and respect for the communities we service. Of course this able bodied competitor in front of Wal-Mart had no "Handicap Placard" on his tow vehicle. We therefore asked him to kindly move his vehicle and park somewhere else. He gave us a genuinely dirty look and then he did.

If you are in the automotive business enterprise be a responsible business. Take pride in your community, get involved and be proactive in the fight against crime and drugs. Show respect to all your potential consumers, no matter what their condition. Led by example do it suitable. Won't you please Think about it?


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