Detail of Audi Q3 !

Audi AG launched its newest model Q3 detailed information through audiovisual media. Sport utility vehicle (SUV), this compact design is described as a masterpiece created by Audi.

From the official video alerts Audi, Q3 has a dynamic design that fit the characteristics of urban residents. Design of thin eyebrows shaped headlights with projector lamp light colored futuristic impression. Besides the exterior, Audi also explain what is offered in the car cabin. Form of the dashboard, steering wheel, seats fold up to the composition.

"Audi interior is more spacious, with ergonomic design and the process is commendable. Audi also offers a wide selection of interior colors for this model," wrote autoevolution Audi as reported on Monday (02/05/2011).

This compact SUV produced using the same chassis with the Tiguan and is offered in four variants: two petrol engines and two diesel engines. All the machine with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder, only differ in power and torque. Q3 produced in the Seat factory near Barcelona, ​​Spain, and went on sale in June with the cheapest price (in Germany) 29 900 euros (USD 379.3 million) per unit. Want to know what 5-passenger SUV view this.


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