General Motors - Hybrid Cars


General motors - hybrid electric models

General motors has the manufacturing capabilities in 34 countries all over the world and the. The general motors vehicles are being sold in alot more than 140 countries in numerous parts of the globe. The general motors had realized the importance of manufacturing the vehicles that was non-fuel based and hence this has led to operation of the cars using the option technology concept. The hybrid electric models are one of the most beneficial option technologies achievable due to the several positive aspects connected with this idea. Some of the cars that are based on the hybrid electric model concepts contain the Saturn vue- hybrid green line model, Saturn aura- hybrid green line model, GMC Yukon, Malibu hybrid from Chevrolet, Tahoe hybrid from Chevrolet, escalade hybrid from the Cadillac, GMC sierra hybrid. These hybrid cars will be stunning alternatives considering the rising fuel costs.

GMC terrain

The GMC terrain is know by various names in several places. It is the Saturn vue- hybrid green line model. This is 1 of the finest selling models from the Saturn. This is the oldest model considering that the fall of the l series in the year 2005. This is the first auto model that is capable of operating based on the theta platform technologies that was developed by the GM. The 1st generation model of this automobile that was initial released in the year 2002 consisted of the environment friendly green line type and the red line kind. The safety aspect that was present in the automobile was given a wonderful rating. The second generation of the automobile was released in the year 2007 and the vehicle model was renamed as the Opel antara. Even this automobile comes in the environmental green line and sporty sort red line. The exclusive feature of this auto is the center console that is employed to make the vehicles. The transmission component of the vehicle comes in the 6 speed automatic sort and the four speed automatic sort.

GM Cadillac escalade

This automobile is the Cadillac initial attempt into the SUV category in response to the introduction of the cars from the European and the Japanese automobile makers. The ford had also released a SUV at that point of the time. The 1st generation auto of this model consists of the 5- door type SUV with the all wheel drive capability. The length of the vehicle is 201.four inches. The transmission of the automobile is four speed automatic types. The second generation model was released in the year 2002. The distinctive feature of this enhanced version is the stability control that gives excellent vehicle dynamics and maneuverability of the vehicle at high speeds. The escalade hybrid was introduced in the year 2008. The vehicle has the capability to reach to 97 kmph in 8.2 seconds duration. About 20 percent of the Cadillac car that was sold this year belongs to the hybrid version. The engine capacity is 331 HP. The flexi fuel hybrid edition of the vehicle is set to be launched soon in the market.


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