Auto Alliance on Alternative Fuel Autos

Member companies of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) began the celebration of the nationwide National Alternative Fuel Autos Week by announcing to the public that there are currently about 10.five million vehicles with alternative fuel drivetrain traveling in the millions of roads across the US. Auto Alliance obtained the data based from the 2006 sales outcomes provided by R. L. Polk & Co., the premier provider of automotive specifics and marketing and advertising solutions to the automotive world.

Dave McCurdy, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
"There are 10.5 million Option Fuel Autos on the roads and highways of just about every state across the country. We are pleased to see that buyers are, in fact, discovering the alternatives that are accessible to them on dealership lots nationwide."

"We believe that the numbers of Alternative Fuel Autos on the roads continue to rise simply because customers can pick from a variety of autos that minimize fuel use although still supplying the utility, safety, performance and comfort they seek." he added.

McCurdy continued and stated: "Having exceeded our sales expectations in 2006, we hope that 2007 will be a different banner year for sales of Alternative Fuel Autos. This year marks the first-ever National Option Fuel Autos Week and automakers hope to draw a lot more attention to the availability of these autos at present for sale."

To date, there are 60 vehicle models from domestic and international auto manufacturers with option fuel capability are presently offered in the US marketplace. These incorporate hybrid electric, E85 ethanol capable, and vehicles with clean diesel engines. These option fuel drivetrain are available in unique vehicle classes like sedans, SUVs, choose up trucks, and vans. Moreover, automakers are expanding the range of option fuel vehicles, and contain new powertrain technologies for unique segments. Possibly, someday people can see an E85 ethanol capable convertible coupe model with VW cabrio parts from Volkswagen, which is an active member of Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

Along with the increasing development of alternative fuel vehicles, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is also working in conjunction with the alternative fuel business and the US government to expand the development of energy infrastructures in the country. Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and their partners will conduct analysis and development projects for other energy sources like ethanol, biomass and hydrogen fuel.

Talking about the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, active member automakers of the alliance contain BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler AG, Ford Motor Provider, General Motors Corp., Mazda Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Volkswagen of America, Inc.


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