License to Drive

One of the highlights of most teenagers' (as nicely as some adults) lives is when they get their driver's license. When I was seventeen years old and initial earned my license to drive, I was unstoppable. Even although I still didn't have my own automobile, it was nice to be able to occasionally borrow one of my parents' cars and drive myself where I had to go rather than have to rely on them to take me everywhere. It wasn't lengthy before my father bought me my own auto, but up until that point, I had to borrow a vehicle.

Looking back on this time of my life, I now understand how a lot I learned. Even though I started off as most other children in my age group did-with out a vehicle- it taught me a outstanding deal about responsibility. For instance, if I borrowed my mother's automobile, I knew that I couldn't remain out with it forever given that whilst I was out joyriding around town, she was stuck inside the house without having a ride anywhere. Occasionally, I would drop my mom off at work in the morning and then choose her up. Nevertheless, I didn't have to do this lengthy given that my father was able to procure a vehicle for me to drive when I was a senior in high school. It just so happened that for the reason that of my father's position inside his organization, he was able to get a second provider car so that I would have some thing to drive. The only caveat was that I couldn't seriously decorate the vehicle with things like bumper stickers, etc. Also, I had to agree to choose up my little brother from school and practices occasionally...but I didn't care so lengthy as it meant that I got to drive somewhere.

It seems sort of silly in retrospect. Driving nowadays is alot more of a hassle than anything, primarily because I am now responsible for anything and every little thing that goes wrong with my vehicle and also mostly due to the fact driving somewhere means that you have to share the road with inexperienced and/or all around, bad drivers. And it appears that there is no shortage of poor drivers out there. I am only too pleased now to relinquish the driving responsibility to a person else (I.e. my boyfriend, parents, a limousine, etc.). There are still numerous people today out there who appear to think or who operate under the belief that driving is their proper and not their privilege. These are the people today who see zipping in and out of site visitors, who tailgate you even though you are already driving fifteen miles over the speed limit.

When we earn our driver's licenses, we need to have to occasionally take a moment to stop and believe about how lucky we are to have that privilege as properly as approaches that we can aid be a component of those who make the roads a safer place to drive on versus being the other way around. Doing this will make the roadways as nicely as having a driver's license additional pleasant.


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