New VW Beetle Model !

Recently, new models of Volkswagen New Beetle was introduced in New York and Shanghai Motor Show. New Beetle latest model was immediately attracted attention. Volkswagen AG to modify the New Beetle so the figure became more manly, more masculine. Klaus Bischoff, head of Volkswagen design, concludes the latest model New Beetle design in one word, "Masculine". Masculine impression was obtained with dots dominating figure of the original New Beetle, which is considered too feminine.

New Beetle was introduced in 1996 and mass produced in 1998. Prototype was first introduced by the name of the Concept One at the Detroit Motor Show 1994.

Concept One retains the hallmark of the original Beetle, the two-door model, the body is rounded (rounded), and round headlights. However, here and there a touch of futuristic look, including the merging of bonnet to bumper.

What is remarkable is the New Beetle comes in the market along with the Beetle predecessor. VW Beetle (Beetle), which in Indonesia, popularly known as the VW Beetle, in Wolfsburg, Germany, production stopped in 1975. However, the car was still produced in Brazil and Mexico.

Volkswagen AG's factory in Puebla, Mexico, on July 30, 2003 to end production of the VW Beetle with 3,000 units producing the VW Beetle Special Edition. The 3000 VW Beetle Special Edition which is a cover edition of the VW Beetle comes with two colors, namely lunar aquatic blue and beige, and sold at a price of 8000 dollars out of the factory.

Since then, the New Beetle was alone in the market. And, after 13 years, Volkswagen AG decided to redesign New Beetle. Klaus Bischoff said, "We want to provide an entirely new character, which makes the New Beetle into the car a more dynamic, more sporty, and more masculine."

And, to design it, Bischoff look back at the original Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1933. "We have that car (the original Beetle) in the studio," he said. If you see the New Beetle model, added Bischoff, people quickly know him as a Beetle.

The original VW Beetle sold over 23 million units, and in the United States alone sold 6 million units. In recognition of the scope of the global VW Beetle, VW New Beetle latest model introduced almost simultaneously in New York and Shanghai, as well as third appearance in Berlin.

New Beetle sales are experiencing stagnation of recent years makes Volkswagen AG is looking back 73 years back, the year of birth Beetle, to redesign New Beetle.

Marketing Director Luca De Meo Volkswagen AG said the New Beetle latest model that is sporty, like Herbie (pronounced Hoy-bie). Herbie is a VW Beetle native who became a star in the film Love Bug (1966). Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of Disney and Volkswagen of America Inc., in 2005, made the movie Herbie Fully Loaded with display New Beetle NASCAR stardom. NASCAR Herbie was introduced to the public in the New York International Motor Show 2005.

VW New Beetle standard engine is the latest model with a capacity of 2.5-liter gasoline engine, 4 cylinder in line, and produces maximum power of 170 PK, and diesel engine capacity of 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder in line, strengthened turbocharger, and produces maximum power of 140 PK.


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