May 14 2011 at El Mirage, dry lakes racing from start to finish in a glance

the start line is under the flag in the top center of this above photo, and the truck being pushed into position is right of center in the below photo

click on the above to see the crowded starting line in full size, and in all that mess is just one starting official that lets just one vehicle begin their pass

the above yellow panel delivery is in a"Best of" photo from last year or the year before, when I caught it on the sidelines, but never caught it running the course

Gene Winfield was on the lake again this day.

Cool little belly tanker, and I saw someone driving it about through the sidelines

First time I've ever caught a parachute popping with my camera

these two photos remind me that I was told a cars aerodynamics can be critqued by experienced pros by looking at the dust cloud it rooster tails

quite something to bring this mobile bar to use as a tow rig

here is the gallery from last year

the above racecar, is on the trailer that the below photo shows is being raised about 8-12 inches to get the car off the trailer without it high centering. The guy at the bottom of the ramp is moving 4 inch blocks under the rear tires to help keep it from high centering. My guess is that ramp extenders would be a better idea.


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