This is the sports car!!


There are other a large number of also gaudy, convertible cars, that are less expensive and they permit to travel with more comfort.  Some of them they are the Mercy-Benz SLK or the Audi TTS Roadster.  Any of these they will fill the expectations of numerous conductors, even of those that take pleasure in the fast moderate style conduction.

The Boxster need to not be bought by the circumstance of that their bodywork is convertible, and would be an error if is sought an specially comfortable vehicle.  It is for those that give the maximum importance to a vehicle impeccably developed with all that is needed to be quickly in sinuous layout and for transmit their conductor a series of hard sensations of obtain in other vehicles.  As sports, practically there is not one more greater 1 by much less than 60,000 €.

Has an unmistakable but besides really functional bodywork for a daily use (amongst other people points for the reason that maneuver properly in city and mainly because has two trunks) and a top quality of outstanding execution.

Costs 51,700 €, with a motor of 2.9 l and 255 CV.  The Boxster S has 295 CV and slope 62,500 €.  Is a expensive vehicle just as comes from series, even though agrees to be stopped in searching at its extensive list of possibilities, where there are issues as intriguing as the automatic change PDK.  We suggest testing a Boxster with this automatic change before generating a decision.

The mechanical disposition of the Boxster is reasonably peculiar since has the motor placed between the rear axle and the seats.  Most of their competitors they have the motor in front of the interior.


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