Chinese Luxury Car Market Dominated By Germany

China is now the main target of the world's car manufacturers, including aliases premium luxury category. Last year, luxury car sales in China grew two-fold or 75 percent of the total growth of 33 percent.

The problem, especially for the United States car manufacturers are known as "The Big Three", namely General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, have not been able to enjoy it. Consumers in China have not entered the three brands it as a premium car. In fact, the three marketing premium brands, among others, Lincoln (Ford) and Cadillac from GM.

Brands from Europe, especially Germany, such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW, closer to the hearts of consumers in China. Namrita Chow, researchers from the IHS Automotive in China, as reported by, Sunday (15/05/2011), said, "The Chinese prefer German and assess the Cadillac brand level lower." Kevin Wale, president of GM China, said, Cadillac is still not willing to take the brand of the German market in the near future even though its sales rose 139 percent in 2010. Cadillac sales volume of 17,000 units is not included in the top 10 premium cars in China. "They are still far ahead of us," said Wale.

From the sales data in China's premium car, the Audi A6L top position as best-selling model with sales of 115,353 units, up 9 percent in 2010 over the previous year. Audi A4L second position by as much as 58,466 units and the third position by the BMW 5-Series as much as 41,019 units.
Local Partners
GM must hold a local partner SAIC to produce SLS-model Cadillac STS with a longer wheelbase in accordance with the characteristics of the market in the country. In addition, the price should also be more competitive. During this Cadillac model being marketed CTS, SRX, and Escalade imported intact so expensive because the price plus great taxed.

This experience is told directly by Kevin Chen, users Cadillac in China, which says, one-Crossover Cadillac SRX products must be redeemed for $ 77,000 U.S. dollars. This price includes 25 percent import tax, machinery 12 percent, and 17 percent sales tax. In fact, for the same model and features in the United States 56,725 U.S. dollars.

Kevin Wale said, Cadillac will add new models in China to expand market segments such as that conducted by the Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Both these brands, he explained, has three sedan models and all of them in the top 10 best-selling premium car.


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