New VW Polo R !

Volkswagen AG plans launched a new variant R Polo earlier this year, it is estimated will not be realized until the end of the second quarter of 2011. The reason, VW Polo assess the presence of R could interfere with the sale of Golf R and Golf GTI. As a result, the launch was postponed.

However, Polo R appears also with the official picture in her World Rally Championship (WRC), who once declared Polo R participation in the prestigious event was started in 2013.

Indications are fueling speculation, VW Polo Rsecara komesial soon launch? When submitted to Ulrich Hackenberg, VW's Board of Directors, the answer is, "Polo R WRC is a continuation of the GTI option."

To compete in the arena WRC, VW Polo equip R with the 1.6 liter TSI engine 300 PS and the motion 4 x4. The machine will not become a standard machinery Polo R later. Because the standard power only 200 PS.


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