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The desire of automotive experts using lasers as a replacement spark plug to trigger combustion in gasoline engines (could also fuel gas) getting closer to reality. In fact, in early May of next week, a team at the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics will report that they have succeeded in designing a laser that can be used for gasoline engines.

No less interesting, as the BBC, Britain, a team from Japan and Romania are ready to discuss producing "laser spark" with renowned Japanese company producing spark plugs, Denso. The target, immediately commercialize the alias components are mass produced.

The results demonstrated that the team can produce two or three laser beams are fired directly into the engine cylinders with varying length beam. Reportedly also, the resulting combustion is more complete. Another advantage, not having the physical wear and tear such as spark plugs.

Not New
Spark plugs, since discovered 150 years ago, until now did not experience any growth. That's why the experts tried to find alternative, namely a laser beam. During the laser is only used to weld the component plugs. By using laser spark plugs, regulations that require the engine be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, can be met.

Reportedly also, the power of the laser in place of conventional spark plugs, inside a cylinder can be produced two or three laser shots. Such capabilities clearly can not be obtained by the spark plug was the most intense so far.

The idea to replace spark plugs with laser is not new. Since the last few years several research institutions and universities aggressively introduced. Including the result of collaboration between Ford UK with the University of Liverpool, two years ago who designed the laser to a gasoline engine with direct injection.

Spark Plug Weaknesses

Spark plug just burn a mixture of air and material in the area around the gap. As a result, less than the maximum combustion efficiency. In addition, the metals used as electrodes, will also be eroded or exhausted along with the user. Now, with lasers, this condition are preventable.

Previously experts difficulty utilizing laser to replace spark plugs. Because the laser beam needed to generate large-sized device. Working laser generating device is inefficient and less unstable.

"However, these lasers still require high pulse energy, similar to spark plugs. Require large energy to initiate combustion. But now can be made with compact size and its stable, "explained Takunori Taira from the National Institutes of Natural Sciences in Okazaki, Japan, quoted by international media.

Further, another problem, namely a very strong laser beam can damage the optical cable into the cylinder also been able to overcome. Way, the team made a laser generator about the size of the size of the spark plug is wrapped in a ceramic powder is compacted. The result, "laser spark" that could be placed in the cylinder head, spark plugs like now.

Another Greatness of the laser, because it uses an optical cable, capable of releasing pulses at one-eighth speed trillion seconds. There had to be fit for high speed engines or racing. Another report, a prototype laser spark plug that has been made, a diameter of 9 mm and a length of 11 mm.


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