Automotive Tips : How To Choose The Best Car Film Glass ?

With so many window film brands marketed in Indonesia, consumer demand should determine the choice. Inevitably, the price factor is very decisive. Likewise with the performance or the performance of the glass layer.

However, according to Christopher Sebastian, Distributor Masterpiece Indonesia, the main factor to consider choosing window film is a security and not just appearance. The problem, in terms of appearance that attracted a lot of window film, but less security.

Second is the level of darkness to the windshield. "Do not be excessive. The government only allows a maximum of 40 percent. If it is too dark plus glass quality is not good, it will harm the driver at night and when it rains. This view can distrub, "explained Chris.

Age Use
Further, the maximum age of 5-7 years window film and is highly dependent on the quality of the product. If you have passed this period, its ability to block the sun's heat, ultraviolet and infrared rays are not effective ascertained. If this should be replaced!

How to care so durable ? First, prioritizing good glass cleaning from inside or outside of the outside cabins. To clean, use a cloth after it wiped wet and again with dry gauze or a chamois.


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