The Most Expensive VW Beetle ?

How does the price of VW Beetle models kabriolet? The most expensive is also $ 1 billion. It was full of gold and diamonds. However, the price of the German people's car this one is actually opened with a number of U.S. $ 250,000 or USD 2.13 billion at auction.

What's so special? In addition to its owners, the high price of this car is also due to his greatness. Frog kabriolet origin belongs to veteran Hollywood actor, the late Paul Newman. He bought a 1963 production car and modify it with the help of Jerry Eisert (indy car modifiers.) The result, "frog" is able to jump with power 300 HP from the engine-size Ford 351 cubic inch V8 coupled 5-speed transmission.

In order to maintain stability in high speed, Jerry modify the legs. Also included, two additional engine radiator placed in front hood and rear.

The Oscar-winning actor from the film The Color of Money (1986) is falling in love with the racing world when engaged in the production of Winning the silver screen. In fact, Newman never appeared in one of VW's ads use this car.

Before he died, Newman donated the car to the garage Chaffey College in Alta Loma, California. This workshop could give a few touches, such as paint on the car body. However, in the course, the workshop was bankrupt and one former board member Sam Contino buy VW's.

Contino made ​​a promise to himself that he will enhance your appearance by restoring a VW it to its original color. But Newman already passed away in September 2008, and the workmanship was not finished car so she could not see his work. In fact, Contino melegonya via the Internet through the site. If you are interested, or just want to see what it looks, just surf directly to the site!


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