New Toyota Prius Alpha

Prius Alpha (wagon), launched late last week (13 / 5) in Japan, was very interested. Evidence, a day after launch, orders had reached 25,000 units, eight times the previous target of Toyota's just fix the 3,000 units per month. Alpha or MPV Prius, in Japan, priced 2.35 million to 3.305 million yen (USD 248.5 - USD 243.7 million).

According to Reuter, the high consumer interest in Japan to this car show consumers already worried about the price of gasoline has skyrocketed. Due to the extremely high interest, making Toyota distraught. Because the company is in the process leading to normal production.

Alpha is also called the Prius wagon is offered in two interior configurations: 5-passenger (seat two rows) and 7-penupang (seat three rows). All variants equipped with the latest hybrid system, namely the Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II), a better aerodynamics Prius and the more weight and fuel consumption is claimed to 31 km per liter.

This car will be launched in the U.S. under the name V Prius next summer. While in Europe, was named the Prius + (variant 7-passenger), will be launched mid next year.

Meanwhile, competitors Prius, Honda Fit Shuttle delay the planned sale in Japan on 18 March. Honda spokesman said the Fit Shuttle has begun to be produced in small quantities this week, but the date of sale has not been determined. Honda also terminate this product order from an earthquake in Japan, two months ago.


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