Automotive Update : NHTS Investigate 865,000 units SUV From GM

United States federal agencies are conducting investigations against 865,000 units of General Motors SUV that was allegedly impaired at the fuel indicator and potentially cause accidents.

According to the National Institute of Highway Safety and Traffic (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA), United States, as reported by autonews yesterday (04.30.2011), models being studied is the output Rainiers 2005-07 Buick, Chevrolet TrailBlazer 360s (2005 - 07), Chevrolet TrailBlazer EXT 370s (2005-06), GMC Envoy 360s (2005-07), GMC Envoy XL 370s (2005-06) and the Saab 9-7Xs (2005-07).

NHTSA says, found 668 complaints of gasoline that is not an accurate indicator, 58 of them strikes on the road, 43 reports, the amount of fuel in the tank is not in accordance with the indicators on the instrument panel. One of the owner of his car was hit from behind, because the engine died suddenly due to run out of gas when driving on the highway. Responding to this, j uru talk GM Alan Adler will cooperate fully with NHTSA.


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